Are Your Sunglasses Ready for a Life of Sports and Adventure?

Are Your Sunglasses Ready for a Life of Sports and Adventure?

Modern workout-worthy sunglasses are amongst the most covetable shades on the market right now. The technology surrounding these high performance shades has advanced considerably in recent years: The best models have flexible steel frames to mould perfectly to your face, improve your visual abilities when moving at speed, and include perfectly positioned vents to ensure great airflow and ventilation.

But just because your sunglasses are practical and performance focused doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish. Worn for so much more than simply working out, these are sunglasses that also make a real style statement: so much so that some fashionistas are choosing to wear athletic performance sunglasses despite never exercising for a day in their lives! Athleisure is in, and sportswear has never been so stylish.

The Big Business of Sports Sunglasses

Sport and adventure kit is big business: from having the right hiking shoes to wearing the right yoga leggings, savvy shoppers don’t shy away from splashing the cash on having the right kit in their armoury. For running and surfing guys, that means sporting the perfect pair of Oakley men’s sunglasses. Oakley are the original men’s sports sunglasses. With their polarised lenses and traditional wrap style, these are shades that won’t budge from your face no matter how active you are, and they were built to last.

Picking the Right Brand

If you’re looking for a unique blend of high fashion and performance then the best brand to explore is Maui Jim. Maui Jim women’s sunglasses are fashion-forward and distinctive, whilst still featuring a range of performance features that makes them ideal for light exercise. Maui Jim men’s sunglasses have similar specifications, but with a stronger focus on athleticism and performance.

If you’re a serious athlete then sports eyewear is an essential piece of kit that you simply shouldn’t live without, particularly if you enjoy outdoor sports. Wraparound frames will maximise your peripheral vision whilst blocking out as much sun and glare as possible. Full coverage frames, such as the famous Oakley Jackets, will protect your eyes from flying dust, dirt or debris as you’re running or cycling. And of course, don’t forget to think carefully about the colour of the lenses you choose: these will help to sharpen your vision and ensure that you can focus on the activity at hand (keeping your eye on the prize!)

Suitable for Everyone

If you wear prescription eyewear then don’t shy away from having your prescription added to your sports sunglasses, to ensure that your eyesight is at its optimal levels and that you have the tools you need to give your performance an edge. Protecting your vision, and ensuring that you have the precision of sight that you need, will ultimately improve your sporting abilities.

Sports sunglasses though aren’t just for athletes: they’re suitable for everyone! So if you love the look and feel of urban-edged sportswear, but don’t necessarily want to take to the road and start jogging, these can still be the perfect sunglasses for you!