Choosing Your Frames: Maui Jim versus Ray Ban

Choosing Your Frames: Maui Jim versus Ray Ban

Ray Ban and Maui Jim are two of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world, selling hundreds of thousands of models every year.

Whilst Ray Ban is an established heritage brand with a long history for producing high quality lenses, Maui Jim is a relative newcomer whose wide-reaching reputation has grown incredibly quickly. Both brands have a cult-like following and numerous celebrity fans.

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Reece Witherspoon and Brad Pitt are big fans of Maui Jim frames, whilst Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Beyonce favour Ray Bans. But which brand is better?

Here we’ll break down the differences between the two brands, look at some of our favourite models, and help you decide:

Flying to Victory

If you’re looking for classic Aviators then the Ray Ban RB3025 AVIATOR is the most iconic pair currently on the market. Favoured by the American Military and sported by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, these are the sunglasses most people think of when they think of an Aviator frame. However, not to be outdone, Maui Jim has released their own version of the frame. At $279 the Maui Jim Mavericks are almost twice the price of their Ray Ban equivalents, but the frames are made of a much stronger titanium, meaning that they are less likely to bend or break, and will almost certainly last longer.

Whilst the Ray Bans definitely look great, if you have the extra budget then we think their superior materials make the Maui Jim Mavericks the better sunglasses. They win this round!

Sliding to Success

Whilst there is a risk that this post is becoming a little Tom Cruise heavy, you can’t talk about the classic Ray Ban RB2132 rectangular frames without mentioning his iconic turn in Risky Business. These are the modern version of the model worn in the movie, and these classic and timeless unisex frames have a distinctive shape that looks good on everyone.

Of course where Ray Ban go Maui Jim follow, and the Maui Jim Legends model looks very similar in style, although it has a slightly wider rim. In terms of quality, the two frames here can’t be separated, so we’re giving the winners medal to Ray Ban thanks to their more affordable pricing for the frame and the heritage feel of the design.

A Sporting Win!

Finally, it’s time to look at wraparound frames with a sporty feel. We love wraparound frames for running and cycling because they’re designed to fit more securely to your face (minimising the risk that they’ll fall off) but the Maui Jim Kuiaha Bay version is also stylish and fashion-forward, meaning you can wear them to play as well as to work out. These are a fun and versatile frame.

Ray Ban produce a very similar wraparound model and their dark frames teamed with equally dark lenses ooze instant cool. We love the subtle Ray Ban branding, and the unexpectedly sporty feel from the brand.

This fight was the toughest one to call, but Maui Jim just win the fight thanks to their slightly higher build quality and attention to detail.

Who Wins? You Decide!

If you’re looking for quality that will last a lifetime then there is no better brand than Maui Jim. The company pride themselves on creating sunglasses that are built to last, which is why their frames come with such a long guarantee. Lightweight and strong, these are frames that feel as good as they look. Converts to the brand say that once you’ve tried Maui Jim you’ll never wear another frame again.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Ray Ban should be overlooked! Consistently producing distinctive and instantly recognisable designs at affordable prices, and favoured by the youngest and hippest celebrities in the land, wearing Ray Bans will lend you instant cool. There’s a reason Ray Ban has such a long history and incredible reputation, and that’s because they make truly great sunglasses.

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