Lens Technology

Lens Technology

Lens technology has advanced considerably in recent years. When people first started wearing glasses, they were almost exclusively made of glass (the clue really is in the name) but now eyewear is made from a wide range of materials, most commonly comprising of high-tech plastics. You can now choose between polycarbonate, photochromic, aspheric and high-index plastic lenses. The choice may seem overwhelming, but each different type of glasses has its own unique benefits:

Polycarbonate lenses offer high impact resistance, making them an ideal choice for playing sports or for an active working environment. These are also a great choice for rough-and-tumble kids!

Photochromic lenses change their colour when they are exposed to sunlight, fading from clear to tinted. These can be made of either glass or plastic, and can often negate the need for a second pair of sunglasses altogether (although they don’t always work affectively behind the windscreen of a car).

Aspheric lenses come in a wide range of different curvatures. This is useful because it means they can be both thinner and flatter, ideal if you want the lightest weight lenses available.

High-index plastic lenses are the perfect choice if you have a very strong prescription. These lenses are much lighter and thinner than the super-thick glass lenses that those with poor eye sight had to put up with in the past. They enable individuals with even the strongest prescription to choose cool and fashion-forward frames.

Why Lens Technology is Important

Lens technology is important because it gives individuals who need to wear glasses more choice than ever before about the kinds of glasses that they choose. You may not be able to see the difference between polycarbonate and aspheric lenses, but you will certainly notice it when it comes to your eye comfort and reduced glare! The right lens technology can make a huge difference to your overall experience of wearing glasses, particularly if you've never worn glasses before.

Benefits of Lens Technology

The benefits of lens technology are considerable. Glasses made of new materials are lighter, harder to break and can be treated with tints and filters to protect your eyes much better than ever before.

When your glasses are lighter, you will find it easier to wear them to enjoy a wide range of different sporting activities, and you’ll also suffer less fatigue and discomfort if you’re wearing your glasses all day.

Your eyesight is one of your most important gifts. Thanks to the considerable advances in lens technology, it is now possible to maintain the quality of your eyesight better than ever before. The right lenses can help to protect your currently vision levels, and help prevent any further deterioration of your eyesight. That's why taking the time to choose the right lenses, as well as the right frames to suit your face, and making regular appointments with your opticians is so important.