New to Wearing Glasses? Here’s How to Find the Right Pair for You!

New to Wearing Glasses? Here’s How to Find the Right Pair for You!

So, you’ve recently discovered that you need to wear glasses? Choosing the right glasses for you is a big decision, and it’s important to get right.

The perfect glasses will frame your face, compliment your personality, and inject style into your look. So which glasses should you choose? Here are some top tips for choosing the right frame for you:

Consider the Shape of Your Face

Everyone has different face shapes, which means that the perfect pair of glasses will look different for everyone. If you have a round or fuller face then you should opt for an angular or rectangular frame to add balance and detail to your face, whereas people with angular faces tend to look best in round frames, which have a softening affect.

Blessed with an oval face? Then you’re lucky! You can choose from either a round or angular frame and look equally fabulous in both! If your face is heart shaped then oval shaped glasses with relatively fine and delicate frames will be your best match.

Ensure a Comfortable Fit for Your Nose

Choosing the frame you love is certainly the most important consideration in picking your glasses, but it isn’t the only thing you should bear in mind. The shape of your nose will determine whether you need glasses with nose pads or not.

Nose pads are ideal for adding support and comfort if you have a narrow nose, whilst glasses without pads will be more comfortable if your nose is flat or wide. If you determine that glasses with nose pads will suit you best then look for those that are adjustable, so that they can be bent and moulded to fit you perfectly.

Chisel Those Cheek Bones

If you’ve been genetically blessed with high or pronounced cheek bones then this is certainly something you should consider when choosing the shape of your glasses. Your glasses should sit over your cheekbones, so that they sit firmly on your face, and don’t move when you smile. Oversized frames are best suited to individuals with flat or low cheek bones.

Time to Get Heavy!

You’ve found the perfect glasses: they suit your face shape and they feel comfortable. But will they be the right weight? When choosing your frames, it’s important to consider the weight of your prescription. If your prescription is heavy then you’ll need a light frame, otherwise you may find that your glasses weigh you down and begin to irritate you if you wear them all the time.

Not sure whether your prescription lenses will be heavy or light? It is possible to use our unique process to choose lenses that are as light as possible, but if you’re in doubt then don’t be afraid to ask your optometrist about this.