Picking the Right Sunglasses: The Power of Prada

Picking the Right Sunglasses: The Power of Prada

Prada sunglasses have exploded in popularity in recent years and ensured that the luxury brand remains at the forefront of people’s minds when choosing both essential and non-essential accessories.

Prada was first established in 1913, and the brand collaborated with the De Rigo group to produce the first Prada eyewear range in 1997. Since then the company have sold millions of pairs of sunglasses to men and women all over the world.

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a pair of designer sunglasses then you may well be wondering why Prada is the right brand for you. But in reality, if you’re looking for sunglasses from a high-fashion brand that will make a big impact no matter what you’re wearing then there is no better designer to choose than Prada. Here are just some of the reasons why Prada are the perfect brand:

The Distinctive Prada Design

Prada’s influence spreads throughout the whole of the fashion industry, and where Prada sunglasses designs go, other brands are sure to follow. When you invest in Prada, then, not only are you getting unprecedented quality, you are also getting glasses that are ahead of the curve in terms of their design and inspiration.

Avant-garde designs with a slick and luxurious feel categorise the Prada sunglasses range. These are distinctive and elegant sunglasses that attract attention for all the right reasons. Prada women’s sunglasses are synonymous with luxury and style. The brand works hard to offer a wide range of unique designs and they have their finger on the pulse of what savvy consumers are looking for.

Their latest designs for both men and women nod to the clean lines of the sports luxe trend whilst heralding a return to the vintage, old school Hollywood glamour that is so desirable right now. Tortoiseshell detailing and dramatic oversized frames mean that a pair of Prada sunglasses could never be mistaken for anything else.

Meanwhile angular shapes, unexpected details and flashes of bold colour characterise the Prada men’s sunglasses range. All topped off with the distinctive Prada logo on every pair: this is unashamed Italian luxury at its finest.

Reasons to Invest in Prada Glasses

If you wear glasses everyday then they are the most important aspect of your outfit, and the one accessory you should really invest in. After all, if the eyes are the window to the soul then your glasses are the curtains that frame the windows! Prada women’s eye glasses will set you apart and demonstrate that you are successful, stylish, and commitment to looking fabulous at all times.

Because it is such a high-end luxury brand, it is fair to say that Prada glasses come with a high end price tag. But when you are wearing them every day, the cost per wear of investing in these distinctive and beautifully constructed frames is fairly minimal, whilst the benefits of choosing Prada are considerable. We love Prada frames, and the admiring glances that they receive when you’re wearing them!