Value Versus Price: Why Designer Sunglasses Are Always Worth the Extra Money

Value Versus Price: Why Designer Sunglasses Are Always Worth the Extra Money

There’s no better time to start thinking about buying new sunglasses for the year ahead than right now. But should you be looking for designer shades, or is it worth saving a few pennies and opting for cheaper sunglasses instead?

We all know that designer sunglasses look great and that wearing the right frames will leave you the envy of your friends. But are they any better than cheaper equivalents for your eyes? Here we examine why we think designer sunglasses are always worth the extra money. And it isn’t just because we like wearing the same frames as the Kardashians!

UV Protection Levels

Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV light is dangerous because it ages your eyes much faster, leaving you more vulnerable to vision problems. UV light can also lead to the onset of cataracts, macular degeneration, and can even lead to dangerous cancerous growths on the eye and the cornea.

When choosing sunglasses, no matter what price range your looking at, it is essential to choose a pair that offers 100% UV protection.

A huge number of cheaper brands now offer good levels of UV protection, but it’s important to note that expensive sunglasses generally offer much more. When you choose a pricey designer shade you will be getting a higher quality protective lens. As well as the UV protection, this should also offer a clearer, sharper, and much higher quality of vision with less distortion when you wear them.

If you’re looking for increased visual comfort, or you’re looking for sunglasses to wear on the beach or when enjoying water sports, we recommend investing in high quality polarised lenses. These offer superior reaction to glare, and make it much easier to see objects in bright conditions.

More durable frames

Now that we’ve examined the lenses, it’s time to look at the frames. Designer sunglasses are generally a much better long-term investment because they offer more durable frames that are tested extensively and designed not to snap or break under pressure.

Some designer brands, particularly brands such as Ray Ban and Maui Jim, also offer warranties when you purchase their frames. This means, if there are manufacturing defects, they can be replaced under the warranty.

 In the long run, you could have all the benefits of designer frames without actually having to spend more on sunglasses than you normally would in a twelve month period.

Higher-end design

There’s no denying that sunglasses look cool and are fashion forward. They are the one accessory that makes everyone look better when you put them on.   

Designer brands are better able to invest in designing new and innovative frames and in testing them to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. Designer frames tend to be ergonomically tested to ensure they feel as good as they look. If you’re going to be wearing your sunglasses all day (as so many of us do during the summer months) then that high level of comfort is definitely worth the extra investment.